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Installation & Specs

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For countertop installation, a 3.5-inch hole is required to accommodate the drain connector. Sinks can be secured in place with either adhesive caulk or grout. All sinks come with a standard 1.5-inch drain connector. Drain holes are carved into the porcelain bowl and they do not accommodate any type of stop. A standard 1.5-inch p-trap (not included) needs to be connected to the bottom of the sink to complete the installation. You can choose either wall mounted faucets or surface mounted faucets with adequate height and curve. These sinks do not carry any plumbing certification at this time. You will need to work with your installer to address any building permit issues. Please consult your plumber or bathroom showroom prior to ordering.

Because these pieces are made to order, the colors can be customized to suite any color scheme. Expect 6-8 weeks for creation and delivery in most cases.

Pricing & Payment

Custom orders require a 50% deposit before work can begin. Prices do not include shipping and handling. Taxes or duties will be charged where applicable. Payment in the form of check, money order, or direct wire transfer accepted (sorry, no credit cards). To order, please contact Sorensen.

Sink Pedestals

Any of the sinks can be created in a pedestal version as shown in the Poppy Pedestal Sink on this page. These pieces require a little more creation time. Pricing for pedestal versions of my sinks start at $4800.





Complementing the porcelain pissoirs (and keeping the ladies from gawking in the men’s room) are Clark Sorensen’s sink sculptures. Adapting the whimsical forms of the urinals, Sorensen creates graceful, elegant flower and shell sinks designed to sit atop a counter or a pedestal. Each sink is one-of-a-kind; Sorensen does not cast his creations with a mold. These durable, high-fire porcelain sinks are meticulously designed and handcrafted using similar methods to Sorensen’s urinal sculptures. The sinks are designed to sit atop a cabinet or pedestal and can be customized in a variety of colors and shapes.

Most sinks are custom made but finished pieces are occasionally on hand.
Please contact Sorensen for information about available pieces.

Special Order Sink Sculptures


Wildflower Sink $2100

This is the newest addition to the sink line-up. Shown in violet with dark violet veins. Any color combination can be created specially for you.
Dimensions: 19” diameter x 6” high


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Maple Leaf Sink $2100

This is another new addition to the sink line-up. Shown in green and orange. Any color combination can be created specially for you.
Dimensions: 19” diameter x 6” high

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Sunflower Sink $2400

Cheerful and bright, the Sunflower Sink features a textured center and deeply-carved petals.
Dimensions: 19” diameter x 6” high



Lotus Leaf Sink $1800

Ommm…perfect for a powder room oasis, the Lotus Leaf Sink will remind users to relax and slow down. The sink features carved veins in an accenting color. Available colors are green, red-orange, yellow, and golden yellow. Dimensions: 18” long x 17” wide x 6” high

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Anthurium Sink $2200

Eye-catching and exotic, the Anthurium Sink replicates the tropical heart-shaped flower with its tail-like spadix. The bowl is rippled with curved veins. Shown in red with a yellow and green spadix, the sink is available in standard anthurium colors (white, pink, orange, red, crimson) or any custom color requested. Dimensions: 19” long x 17” wide x 11” high

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Poppy Sink $2100

The Poppy Sink, most popular in red and orange, has four ribbed petals and a sculpted, mounded center carpel in black surrounded by oblong drain holes. Available in any color. Dimensions: 18” diameter x 6” high

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Mariposa Lily Sink $1900

The Mariposa Lily is a wild flower with three graceful petals. The lily sinks can be designed in any color combination, including lavender (Mariposa Lily) with a white center with yellow and green accents, white (Sego Lily) with a yellow center with orange and green accents, and vibrant orange (Desert Mariposa Lily) with a black center. Dimensions: 18” diameter x 7” high

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Clam Shell Sink $2200

With a built-in soap dish, the Clam Shell Sink has deep grooves carved into the outer “shell” stained with a subtle color of your choosing and inner bowl in white. Shown in pink and yellow, the sink can be ordered in any color. A built-in soap dish is optional. Dimensions: 18” long x 13” wide x 7” high

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Keep in mind that custom ideas are always an option.

 This yellow orchid sink was the result of a collaboration with a very adventuresome and clever client in The Netherlands. She wanted to use a urinal as a sink so this special version of the orchid urinal was created with alterations to allow it to be used as a sink - the bowl was widened and tilted down a bit and the spout section of the flower was altered to allow a nice flow of water for hand rinsing. The client enlisted the help of a creative plumber to hide the sink mixing valve in the wall behind the sink and feed it through the back with a foot pedal on the floor to turn the water on.

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